e-Estonia co-architect to help Slovakia in digitalising services

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e-Estonia co-architect to help Slovakia in digitalising services

16. 05. 2017 14:16

Slovakia will be able to rely on advice from Taavi Kotka, one of the architects behind the concept of digital Estonia, in the process of digitising its own public administration and improving state services, according to an agreement clinched in Tallinn between Kotka and Vice-Premier for Investments and Informatisation Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD). Pellegrini's office, under the remit of which the digitisation of public administration falls, will cooperate with Kotka in an official capacity on the further development of e-Government. "It won't end with a formal visit anymore; he will provide us with strategic consultancy services in seeking solutions to specific tasks, such as cloud management, streamlining our central website Slovensko.sk and other specific matters," said Pellegrini, quoted by the TASR press agency.

A few years ago, Estonia introduced online voting, used by approximately one-third of its electorate. According to Pellegrini, Slovakia could follow in Estonia's footsteps "in the case where the people of Slovakia get equipped with electronic ID cards, similar to what Estonians have, to the largest possible degree". "Today, there's already 1.5 million chip-embedded citizen ID cards. More than anything, it's a matter of political decision. Not all EU countries have embraced this yet," he claimed. Estonians can use 99 percent of all available services via the internet, including the prescription of drugs remotely. "That has worked to cut the number of people in doctors' waiting rooms in Estonia by one-third," stressed Pellegrini, who would like to adopt the model for Slovakia's still not fully functional e-Health project.

Anca Dragu, Photo: Juraj Pavlovič

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