Level of Slovak foods in supermarkets continues to fall

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Level of Slovak foods in supermarkets continues to fall

19. 05. 2017 11:00

The share of domestic food products on Slovak shelves continues to fall, reaching only 37.2 percent at the moment, which is down by 1.3 percentage points year-on-year, according to a GfK survey presented by the Slovak Food Chamber (PKS) on Thursday. "Slovakia's food industry keeps falling and if the state doesn't increase its support, we won't be able to do anything with this," said PKS president Daniel Poturnay at a press conference, adding that Slovakia's food sector and agriculture receive the third-lowest state support in the EU. Among specific recommendable measures, Poturnay cited tax and deduction cuts, for example. He also complained about the new Waste Act, which has increased the cost for wrapping recycling from €5 million per year to €40 million. The survey also revealed the alarming fact that Slovak food has a more than a 50-percent share on the shelves only with low value-added products, such as milk and mineral water, while high value-added products have been replaced ever more frequently by foreign goods. "This is a particularly serious finding, representing a piece of bad news not only for the public, but also for the future of the Slovak economy as such," said Poturnay. Back in 2011, the share of Slovak products represented 50 percent, and it has been falling ever since. The highest share of Slovak food products in large chains was found in Coop Jednota (56 percent), which was followed by CBA on 48 percent, and Tesco, Billa and Metro on 40 percent each. The ratio of Slovak products in Kaufland represented 37 percent, while it was only 14 percent in Lidl. Slovak oils, canned products and confectionery had the lowest representation on the shelves, while the highest figures were posted by milk, mineral waters, wine, beer and liquors.

Gavin Shoebridge, Photo: AP/TASR

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