Bratislava faces problematic ageing

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Bratislava faces problematic ageing

11. 07. 2017 14:13

Bratislava must prepare itself for becoming one of the oldest urban populations in Slovakia, as well in the wider Central European space. This stems from the Study of Demographic Potential of Bratislava by 2050, which was developed by the Demographic Research Centre Infostat. In 2050, one third of Bratislava's population will be of pensionable age. Such a situation will have serious implications on the functioning of the city and will be reflected in all areas of public life: from the labour market, through social spending to services and infrastructure. According to Bratislava's mayor Ivo Nesrovnal, Bratislava needs to face this problem by attracting more young people to live in the city, for example via a better choice of rental apartments.

"But at this moment the city cannot build rental housing, because it doesn't have a building office, and the city districts do not want rentals as they listen more to the interests of the local community than to Bratislava's interests," Nesrovnal listed the potential challenges.

According to the demographers, Bratislava should continue to benefit from migration and the increase in the number of children born to one mother.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: SITA

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