Slovak carers in Austria often victims of work agencies

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Slovak carers in Austria often victims of work agencies

13. 07. 2017 14:19

Approximately 30-40,000 Slovaks work in Austria as carers for the ill or elderly. Many of them became the victims of shady work agencies, which for example did not notify them beforehand that they would work as self-employed on the basis of Austrian legislation. The Slovak Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family wants to find a way to legally regulate the activity of work agencies, who act as intermediators for people working as carers in Austria and other foreign countries. The aim of the Ministry's initiative is to grant jobseekers as much information as possible about their future job and regulate the shady practices of agencies that misinform about the job offers. Around 80% of Slovaks interested in a carer's job in Austria search for this position using the work agencies. Austrian legislation dealing with this issue was updated last year.

"From January 1st, 2017, the Austrian agency has to inform in writing both the client and the carer that the contract is based on the carer being a self-employed person, aware of its rights and duties", explains Bibiána Kudziová, spokesperson for the Slovak carers, adding that this is what is missing in Slovakia.

In the meantime, the Ministry has agreed with the representatives of the carers and the agencies about the launch of an information campaign, which points to the practices of dishonest agencies. For example, the latter do not inform the jobseeker about the work conditions, work location, client, assistant services after arriving in Austria, or providing the work contracts beforehand.


Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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