Martina Lubyová to become new education minister

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Martina Lubyová to become new education minister

12. 09. 2017 13:55

Martina Lubyová will lead the Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry after being sworn in by the Slovak president on Wednesday. A former director of the Slovak Academy of Sciences' (SAV) Prognostics Institute, she is the nominee of Slovak National Party (SNS) to replace Peter Plavčan, who resigned at the end of August in the wake of a scandal concerning the shady distribution of EU funds for research. A graduate in economics, mathematics and law, Lubyová has been a somewhat surprising choice judging by reactions coming from both trade unions and the Opposition. Education and Science Trade Union chief Pavel Ondek expects her to be an expert and a good manager to facilitate the progress of Slovak education.

The Opposition party OĽaNO-NOVA had expected the nomination of someone who has been more intensely involved with schools. "Right at the beginning, we recommend that she shouldn't allow herself to be governed by Parliamentary Chairman and Slovak National Party/SNS leader Andrej Danko like her predecessor did, otherwise this won't end up well again," stated OĽaNO-NOVA, adding that they are looking forward to cooperating with her. "We put an emphasis on dealing quickly with the EU funds scandal and continuing with the 'Learning Slovakia' reform," stated OĽaNO.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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