Slovakia ranked 30th in Social Progress Index

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Slovakia ranked 30th in Social Progress Index

10. 10. 2017 15:11

Slovakia ranked 30th among 128 countries in the Social Progress Index which highlights a country's relative strengths and relative weaknesses compared to 15 peer countries with a similar GDP per capita. It has thus received the label of a country with High Social Progress. Slovakia scored the highest in access to information and communication which refers to the mobile phone ownership rate, access to the internet and press freedom; then personal safety, which refers to crime rates and terrorism threats, is also high in Slovakia, followed by access to clean water and sanitation.

Slovakia's worst score came in the area of tolerance for immigrants, freedom over life choices and access to advanced education. Although with a decent score when it comes to access to basic medical care, Slovakia is performing poorly in the health and wellness indicators due to high rates of premature deaths from non-communicable diseases and relatively low life expectancy at age of 60. Denmark tops the ranking, followed closely by Finland and Iceland.

Anca Dragu, Photo: Benian

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