Slovakia to join PESCO

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Slovakia to join PESCO

09. 11. 2017 14:24

Slovakia is interested in joining the Permanent Structured Cooperation on defence, so called PESCO. The Government agreed on this move at its Wednesday meeting. This cooperation should not lead to the creation of a European army, but enhance the partnership among participating EU countries. According to the Slovak Foreign Ministry, PESCO represents an opportunity for the Slovak defence industry in modernising projects. However, Slovakia's contribution within this project is not yet known.

"This is not the beginning of a European army, because nobody wants a European army. First of all, we cannot afford it, and secondly, by participating in this cooperation, countries are not giving up their national defence sovereignty," said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ivan Korčok, adding that involvement in PESCO would not cost Slovakia a single extra euro. All the spending will be aimed at the Slovak Armed Forces.

Ivan Korčok and Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš should sign Slovakia's accession to PESCO on Monday, November 13. The Permanent Structured Cooperation in the field of defence should be formed by the end of the year.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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