Most Slovaks evaluate 2017 positively

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Most Slovaks evaluate 2017 positively

29. 12. 2017 14:40

Almost 77 percent of people are satisfied with 2017 and its progress, and it has met their expectations from the beginning of the year. This information results from a survey conducted by GfK Slovakia. According to Rastislav Kočan, Chief Commercial Officer at GfK Slovakia, more than a quarter of Slovakia's population considers 2017 better than they expected at the beginning from the point of view of their personal lives. This applies especially to young people aged under 29. For approximately 50 percent of the population, the year has been roughly as expected. Most people that perceived 2017 to be worse than expected mentioned a deterioration in their financial situation (49 percent). This affected in particular people with a net monthly income of up to €800. More than one quarter rated worse than expected the general mood in Slovak society, which is mostly perceived by people in the Bratislava region.

Zuzana Botiková Foto: TASR

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