Bratislava no longer in the shadow of Vienna

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Bratislava no longer in the shadow of Vienna

04. 01. 2018 13:41

Bratislava is no longer in the shadow of Vienna, Budapest and Prague, it has shaken off its grim reputation from the time of communism and has regained its position in the heart of Central Europe, writes the Guardian newspaper in an article entitled "Bratislava in Focus: The Slovak City celebrates 25 years as a metropolis". The British daily also notices that Bratislava has in the past quarter century become the engine of Slovakia's fast-growing economy. Yet it also faces many challenges, such as massive construction works which are pushing out green areas from the city center, as well as sorting out the bad traffic situation. Bratislava's mayor, Ivo Nesrovnal.

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In terms of population, Bratislava has a little more than 420 thousand inhabitants, and according to the European Centre for Policy Reform and Entrepreneurship, with approximately 18% proportion of the working-age population working in "brain businesses", this proportion is the highest of any capital in Europe. The Guardian adds that even though the post-socialist exoticism may be gone, so is the sense of the city's position at the edge - "Bratislava is at the heart of Central Europe".

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: Petrasko

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