Government faces a no-confidence vote and the departure of Most

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Government faces a no-confidence vote and the departure of Most

13. 03. 2018 14:28

Next Monday, Prime Minister Robert Fico will face a no-confidence vote in Parliament following a proposal submitted by opposition MPs. If the motion is passed by at least 76 MPs the entire Government will fall. It's still unclear who will be left in that Government though after the junior coalition party Most-Híd announced on Monday evening they want to talk about snap elections or else leave the coalition. Earlier in the day, their demand for Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák (Smer-SD) to resign from his post was fulfilled. Several Most-Híd members, however, decided this was no longer enough to calm down the situation. On Tuesday, coalition partner the Slovak National Party said they would discuss early elections only after the current Government or ruling coalition fall. This can happen if Most-Híd obstructs any of them. Smer party's leadership has been debating this topic and is expected to announce a decision later in the day.

Political analyst Ján Baránek says that Most-Híd's decision is a compromise between the Hungarian and Slovak wings of the party. He noticed that there is no deadline until which party leader Béla Bugár can negotiate with its two coalition partners Smer-SD and the Slovak National Party. Fellow analyst Grigorj Mesežnikov told the SITA press agency that this is "a step forward, but the public's expectations were different." He adds that this step can significantly reduce the term of office of the current Government, although it is still unclear whether and when an agreement will be reached. "But this also presupposes an agreement with the opposition, for example on terms and other matters," concluded Mesežnikov.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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