Projects begin helping Roma to maintain households

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Projects begin helping Roma to maintain households

10. 07. 2018 16:00

The office of the Government Plenipotentiary for the Roma Minority is preparing two projects aiming to improve the living conditions of this marginalised ethnic group. Their overall goal is to teach Roma citizens how to obtain and maintain housing and households. According to public broadcaster RTVS, the project's total costs will be more than €50 million. As Monika Dessuet of the NGO called Spokojnosť (Contentment), a significant factor of the two projects is field cooperation with the community. The municipalities and NGOs involved will have the chance to apply for state aid as of October 2018. €6 million has been earmarked for this purpose. However, as of July, a project assisting Roma to gradually move to new accommodation worth €45 million will begin. As part of this, Roma families will move to fully equipped flats. Not immediately, however, as they will continuously move through housings of various quality.

"When you carry out the work right in the field, you know what is going on, you know who has what kind of worries. The people you work with get to like you. It is all based on volunteering, however, most of all on humanism," said Monika Dessuet. Ábel Ravasz, the government plenipotentiary for the Roma community, also gave praise of the field work to RTVS. "The service of public work can significantly influence the relationship of the tenants to the flats in a positive way," said Ravasz.

Moreover, RTVS shared successful examples of the work carried out, including work by the NGO Spokojnosť, which helps the Roma community in the central Slovak town of Prievidza on Ciglianska Road, where the local community has been living in a block of flats for 20 years. The buildings and their surroundings are very well maintained. Another successful project for maintaining housing of good quality is the Housekeeper project in another central Slovak town of Veľký Krtíš. There, Roma housekeepers help to maintain block of flats in good shape. At the same time, they serve as an example for the rest of the community, receiving help from workers of the Community Service Centre.

Mojmír Procházka; Foto: TASR

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