Proposed holiday vouchers not to everybody’s liking

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Proposed holiday vouchers not to everybody’s liking

09. 10. 2018 15:42

Both employers' representatives and trade unions have reservations regarding the introduction of vouchers for holidays, to be spent in Slovakia, which are being asserted by the junior governing Slovak National Party (SNS), according to the TASR press agency. The draft law which aims to introduce holiday vouchers has reached its second reading in Parliament. It says that companies would have to provide holiday vouchers as a benefit to employees who work for them at least for 12 months and who ask for it. It should equal 55 percent of eligible costs and amount to €275 at the maximum. Employers dislike the fact that holiday vouchers should be mandatory and that their provision should be differentiated based on the number of employees working for a company. "I think that employees are adult people who know where they'll go on holiday. I don't view prescribing these expenditures, both to employees and employers on a mandatory basis, as a reasonable step," said Republican Union of Employers (RUZ) Vice-president Mário Lelovský. He adds that if the Government wants to support tourism, it should do so through reducing VAT on these services.

Trade unionists have reservations to the SNS's proposal as well. "We oppose a certain group of employees being excluded from this benefit. It should also apply to employers who have fewer than 50 employees," stated Slovak Trade Union Confederation (KOZ) vice-president Monika Uhlerová. According to her, it's also unclear how this benefit should be provided to civil and public servants. A reserve has allegedly been created in the state budget, from which it would be provided. "If such a benefit is to be provided to employees, an employer should cover 100 percent of it, without any financial engagement of employees," added Uhlerová.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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