Enviroment Ministry determined to introduce deposit for plastic bottles

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Enviroment Ministry determined to introduce deposit for plastic bottles

08. 11. 2018 15:03

A plastic bottle collection desposit is becoming more realistic in Slovakia. The Environment Minister László Sólymos (Most-Híd) at a press conference on Wednesday announced that the ministry had started working on the collection system. A deposit for a plastic bottle should be around 12 cents, and around 10 cents for a can.

"In Slovakia there are one billion plastic bottles in circulation each year. The current separated waste collection achieves an approximate return of 60 percent. By introducing the new system, we can reach up to 90%", stated the minister.

A deposit for plastic bottles has already been implemented in eight countries of the European Union, none of them in the Central European region. Minister Sólymos wants Slovakia to pioneer the system.

"By introducing a deposit for plastic bottle collection, we are also reducing plastic waste in the landscape, saving both state and municipal finances for cleaning the environment, and also creating around 300 jobs."

The director of the Environmental Policy Institute, Martin Haluš, said that the introduction of a deposit would require an entry cost of approximately EUR 80 million. The biggest part is the cost of buying and servicing the machines that will receive cans and plastic bottles.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: Flickr.com/Ricardo Bernardo

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