The “Gorilla” hidden in a safe

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The “Gorilla” hidden in a safe

05. 12. 2018 13:19

An USB key with audio recordings identical to those from the so called "Gorilla" case was found in a safe during a police raid at a house of the well-known businessman Marian K., according to the Special Prosecutor's Office spokesperson Jana Tokolyová. She thus confirmed the Dennik N daily's report from earlier on Tuesday but refused to provide more detailed information due to the ongoing investigation. The police carried out the raid as part of the investigation into the double murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnirová in late February. The file entitled "Gorilla", leaked to the press in 2011, is based on a recording made by the Slovak Intelligence Service and describes how during the government of the former prime minister Mikuláš Dzurinda (2002-2006) politicians and the owner of the private firm Penta decided on the privatisation of state companies and on who was to receive top positions within them. Former Prime Minister Robert Fico allegedly visited the apartment on Vazovová Street in Bratislava monitored by the intelligence service too. A special investigation team began to deal with the case in January 2012. Penta has rejected any such statements, and argues that investigation has not confirmed the information included in the Gorilla file.
In November 2016, the head of the investigating team Marek Gajdoš resigned, saying that proving historic corruption is terribly complicated and it is practically impossible to prove certain things. The majority of the information from the files, according to Gajdoš, has been confirmed, but not everything. On Tuesday, the Dennik N daily quoted Marek Gajdoš saying that in all likelihood, the recordings found in the safe would not be admitted as evidence, but if they were, they would pose an enormous contribution to the investigation into the "Gorilla" case, one that might even enable charges to be pressed, due to verified financial transfers between the parties involved in the scandal. On Wednesday Interior Minister Denisa Saková has also expressed doubts that the audio recordings will be used in the investigation.

Anca Dragu, Photo: SITA

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