Making Slovakia a better place is rewarded

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Making Slovakia a better place is rewarded

09. 01. 2019 14:28

On Tuesday President Andrej Kiska presented state awards to 30 personages of social and cultural life, including three in memoriam. Fifteen women and fifteen men received the state honours from him, at the Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava. The president in his address stressed that he had given awards to people who contributed to making Slovakia a better, nicer, wiser, more decent and more just place. According to him, these laureates best represent those values on which Slovak society is based. He mentioned also that the decisions were difficult. "There are more people in Slovakia who deserve such awards. Known and unknown citizens of the country, whom we can be proud of," noted Kiska.

The Order of Ľudovit Štúr, First Class was given to former government proxy for Roma communities Klára Orgovánová, legal historian Katarína Zavacká, graphic designer Ľubomír Longauer, Divadelna Nitra international theatre festival director Darina Kárová, publisher Alexej Fulmek, skier Veronika Velez-Zuzulová, writer Jana Juráňová, basketball player Zuzana Žirková, actor Richard Stanke, murdered journalist Ján Kuciak (in memoriam), writer Dušan Mitana, tennis player Daniela Hantuchová, psychiatrist Péter Hunčík, former ombudsman Jana Dubovcová, former culture minister Ladislav Snopko, and actor and former MP Magdaléna Vášáryová. The military category of the award was given to retired Major General Svetozár Naďovič.

The Order of the Double Barred Cross, Second Class was given to Czech actor Josef Abrhám and Czech lawyer and politician who served as the first Justice Minister of Czechoslovakia after the Velvet Revolution Dagmar Burešová (in memoriam). Meanwhile, the Pribina Cross, First Class was bestowed on pop music singer Miroslav Žbirka, scientist Marián Valko, artist Jana Želibská, scientist Mária Omastová, doctor and missionary Veronika Rácková (in memoriam), selective breeder Gyula Zalabai, double bassist Roman Patkoló, hardware architect Radoslav Danilák, children's oncologist Mária Jasenková, ethnographer and historian Zuzana Kumanová, and scientist Pavel Cheben active in integrated optics and photonics.

Jonathan McCormick, Photo: TASR

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