Finance Ministry against draft bill on pensions

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Finance Ministry against draft bill on pensions

12. 08. 2019 14:53

The Finance Ministry criticizes a draft bill on social insurance which proposes earlier retirement and a higher minimum pension for some women. MPs should debate the bill in September.

According to the draft bill, women who raised at least a child will have the right to retire sooner than men or childless women. They should also have less strict conditions for their right to a minimum pension. According to Slovak legislation, men and childless women reach their pension age at 64, and need 30 years of contribution to pension insurance to obtain a minimum pension. Bringing up one child would decrease both the retirement age and the minimum years of insurance by six months.

As of July 2019, people who have paid pension insurance for 30 years should receive €285,87 per month. With each extra year of paying pension insurance, the minimum pension grows by 2%. For each extra year of paying over 40 years, the minimum pension grows by 3%.

"We cannot agree to lowering the time needed to obtain a minimum pension and to paying higher sums to pensioners retiring earlier based on the fact that he or she brought up children. This is in conflict with the basic purpose of the minimum pension," reads the statement of the Finance Ministry.

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: SITA

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