A fifth of employees in Slovakia need additional income

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A fifth of employees in Slovakia need additional income

13. 08. 2019 14:33

A fifth of employees in Slovakia need an additional source of income on top of their regular monthly wage, according to a survey carried out by Poštová banka. Every tenth pensioner and one in eight parents on parental leave are in the same situation. Employees' secondary income is usually up to €400 per month. "People with two jobs can be found in all income groups in Slovakia. Most of them- about 19 percent- earn from €801 to €1,000 per month from their main job," said Lydia Zackova, a spokeswoman for Poštová banka

Approximately one in ten retired people earn some extra money to supplement their pension. They are able to increase the family budget most often by up to €165. People on maternity and parental leave are also able to increase their income by the same amount. "Along with taking care of a child, 8 percent of them work," added Zackova. According to Eurostat data, the number of people with two jobs in Slovakia is among the lowest in the European Union (EU). Only Croatia and Bulgaria have fewer people in this situation than Slovakia does.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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