Miroslav Lajčák: Project of multiculturalism failed, concept was naive

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Miroslav Lajčák: Project of multiculturalism failed, concept was naive

12. 01. 2015 15:12

The project of multiculturalism has failed, the concept was naive and so were immigration policies of some countries, Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák told the listeners of RTVS's discussion show on Saturday, following the terrorist attacks in Paris. "When there are communities that socially- and economically-wise perceive themselves as being relegated to the fringe of society and they become radicalised, then something is wrong. You need to exercise caution as to who you admit to move to the territory of your country," said Lajčák. At the same time, he discarded the idea of there being 'radical Islam'; instead, there are fanatics who misuse Islam. "What happened in Paris was a shameless assault at people and democracy. But let's avoid using strong language. All of a sudden, dozens of experts in Islam have emerged. I'd rather not see this as a war of civilisations or as a war between religions. The roots are more economic and social in nature, which triggers frustration in some individuals who are then susceptible to manipulation," said Lajčák. He went on to take exception to the use of the word war in this context. "Then we can expect to really get embroiled in war. Such a war would be devastating for the world," he added, noting that the bulk of such attacks take place in Muslim countries. Lajčák said that Slovakia isn't at risk of terrorist attacks. "There's only a small and non-militant Muslim community in Slovakia, and we're not viewed as a symbol of the West," said Lajčák.

Strict asylum policies help to protect Slovakia from terrorism, interior minister Robert Kaliňák implied on Friday in the context of Wednesday's attack on the editorial office of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. "We are often criticised for being stricter than we should be, but I think it bears fruit in the form of a peaceful Slovak Republic," Kaliňák said after the extraordinary Government meeting. In his reaction to the attack in Paris, Kaliňák explained that this and similar incidents don't change anything as far as how the Slovak security corps works. They regularly analyse security risks and, according to Kaliňák, Slovakia thus minimises the threat of such attacks.

Zuzana Botíková, Photo: SITA

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