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Katarina Richterova

Working at RSI since she can remember, Katarina has been taking her microphone to Slovak caves, castles, mountains, demonstrations, interviews with interesting and influential people and ordinary Slovaks - all in an effort to bring the essence of Slovakia and everyday life in the country to RSI listeners. Apart from journalism she likes all sorts of new professional challenges and is the best long distance runner in the section, practising mainly on the route - office to studio and back.

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Gavin Shoebridge

Gavin Shoebridgejoined Radio Slovakia International in 2011, after moving to Slovakia with his wife. He covers technology, science, research, and ecological issues affecting Slovakia. He also looks after most of the fan mail and sending souvenirs to our many listeners. As a child he often took his toys apart to see how they worked, although as you might imagine he didn't have much luck putting them back together again. Gavin has a strong interest in the development of electric vehicles and renewable energy, having converted his car to run on electricity in New Zealand.

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Zuzana Botiková

Being a more or less stable part of the RSI English team since 2009, Zuzana still found the time to acquire a university degree in Sociology and Media. Therefore she feels at home in covering social and cultural issues, as well as various Slovak travelling destinations, festivals and occasional sport. She is also known to be the section's biggest expert on the traditional Slovak folk culture. Be it folk instruments, music, dance or handicrafts - Zuzana knows (and loves) them all, and she is very eager to spread this fascination around.

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Anca Dragu

Covering business, politics, EU affairs and sport for RSI, widely known as the tennis fanatic in the office. Covering the final of the Davis Cup in 2005 between Slovakia and Croatia was one of the most exciting moments of her career; furthermore holding a secret dream to interview Stefan Edberg one day (having already interviewed all the great contemporary Slovak tennis players). Her favourite interviewee ever was a 10 year old Roma pupil from Jarovnice, Eastern Slovakia, who apart from being a very talented painter was also an excellent guide through the Roma settlement.

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Martina Šimkovičová

Martina used to work in the English section from 2000 to 2006. Even back then, she went all cultural. Exhibitions, concerts, books, films, theatre performances, artists, singers, writers from all over Slovakia can be found in the Thursday show. Martina understands poetry and started competing in reading it as soon as she turned 5. She can sing and, oh, yeah, she can also draw a bit too. It's safe to say she hunts for the beauty in any performance. She's happy to be back once again doing the work she loves!

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