What music accompanied Štefánik?


What music accompanied Štefánik?

03. 05. 2019 15:08

On Thursday, 2nd May 2019, a special ceremony was held in Ivanka pri Dunaji, south western Slovakia, starting a series of commemorative events related to the centenary of the death of Milan Rastislav Štefánik, a Slovak-born general of the French army, aviator, astronomer and co-founder of Czechoslovakia. The recently elected "Greatest Slovak" died in an air crash on 4th May, 1919, in the vicinity of the south western Slovak village Ivanka pri Dunaji. In our series Chapters on Slovak Music we focused more on his life. To be more precise, we focused on music to which Štefánik might have been, hypothetically, exposed during his life. And there's also a great surprise at the end too. Enjoy!

Chapters on Slovak Music ŠTEFÁNIK
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Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: Flickr/Jon Olav Eikenes

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