Travelling art augments critical thinking

Travelling art augments critical thinking

Potulná galéria can be translated into English as a wandering or travelling gallery. The project of curator Juraj Čarný focuses on development of critical thinking through bringing contemporary art to distant Slovak cities and villages where people have no chance to see art works in a gallery kind of institution. Shortly ahead of the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP), Potulná galéria parked its mini-van right at the entrance to the SNP monument in Banská Bystrica. It brought artworks dealing with notions of xenophobia, racism and extremism.

Potulná galéria in Banská Bystrica

„Taká bola doba" - „So were the times" is an excuse for any kind of misbehaviour. Embroided by female activist artists known as Kundy Crew

Czech artist Alena Foustková wallpapered the interior of the minivan with scraps of papers depicting in alphabetical order positive and negative features of character.

Pick one good and one bad for yourself.

A boot popular among young extremists in hands of significant caricaturist Shooty.

Slovak artist Tomáš Rafa spotted a colourful boy in a Roma settlement

Martina Šimkovičová, Foto: RSI