LGBTQI + Michal Tallo

LGBTQI + Michal Tallo

On Wednesday, 23rd November, Slovak Queer Film Festival started in Bratislava. 27 feature and 24 documentary films will be screened in two venues as part of the Slovenska Teplaren event dedicated to the two late queer victims of the terrorist attack on the Zamocka street on 12th October. In order to pay tribute to Juraj and Matus, RSI English section started a project of in-depth talks about and with queer people that are a part of the Slovak cultural scene. Today, you will hear a queer poet who became an advocate for the community.

LGBTQI+ Michal Tallo Máte problém s prehrávaním? Nahláste nám chybu v prehrávači.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: Flickr/Stock Catalog

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