"Once there was a castle..." - Third round

"Once there was a castle..." - Third round

The third round of our yearlong competition series called „Once there was a castle…" takes us to Likava castle in northern Slovakia. The material was put together by our colleague Katarína Vassalová. Listen untill the end, so that you can answer correctly the competition question. At the end of the month we will draw one winner from all the correct answers we receive.


If you have listened to the story of Likava castle carefully, you will know the answer to the following question:

Why couldn’t Jánošík have been imprisoned in Likava castle?

Send us your answers by 30 April to our email address englishsection@rtvs.sk
or via regular post to Radio Slovakia International, RTVS, Mlynska dolina, 84545 Bratislava, Slovakia.

Nice prizes are awaiting you, so good luck!

Zuzana Botiková, Katarína Vassalová. Photo: TASR