"From the Tatras to the Danube" – Šariš

"From the Tatras to the Danube" – Šariš

Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe. However, thanks to many cultural and natural sites, it definitely has a lot to offer to the world. From the administrative point of view, Slovakia is divided into 8 Regions, each bearing the name of the biggest town within the Region. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, however, Slovakia was divided into much smaller units. Altogether, there are 25 of them, each one with its own particular local traditions, culinary specialities, dialects and even costumes. In this year's competition, we will present ten of them. The first round of the competition was dedicated to the Spiš region. Today, you will learn something about the region called Šariš.

COMPETITION_Round 2 Máte problém s prehrávaním? Nahláste nám chybu v prehrávači.

Of course, it would not be possible to list all the interesting places of the Šariš region. But we hope that we managed to bring you closer to its beauty and uniqueness. And now, here is the question for this round of our competition dedicated to the Šariš region:

What was the depth of the Leopold shaft in the unique Prešov Salt Plant?

Send in your answers to the competition question by the end of February to our email address englishsection@rtvs.sk

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Nice prizes are awaiting you, so good luck!

Romana Grajcarová, Photo: TASR

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