Circular Slovakia platform attempts to change economic model


Circular Slovakia platform attempts to change economic model

03. 12. 2019 14:58

Seven partners from the public, private and NGO sectors have founded a platform called 'Circular Slovakia' that should contribute towards changing the country's economic model, and they signed a memorandum on cooperation at the Environment Ministry on Monday. The platform should contribute towards the country's transition to a circular economy, which will save natural resources, minimise waste, reduce dependency on imports of primary raw materials and provide new business opportunities. It involves car sharing and clothing made from recycled materials, and guarantees that spare parts will be available. In the first stage the aim is to attract firms that are already implementing circular principles. Those who join the platform first will have an opportunity to participate in setting priorities and activities.

According to the Slovak Business Agency, one of the platform's founding members, tougher legislation is among the reasons why firms are becoming interested in a circular economy. However, regulations are only a partial solution. There is also the need to change people's thinking. Petra Csefalvayová of the Circular Economy Institute said that the new platform aims to promote awareness and point to opportunities for entrepreneurs. These can save money on waste-management fees, upgrade existing business models or discover new ones, thanks to circular principles. The platform's founding members are the Environment Ministry, the Dutch Embassy, the Slovak Business Agency, PricewaterhouseCoopers Slovakia, the Circular Economy Institute, the Slovak Environment Agency and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.

Anca Dragu, Photo: Flickr/Hamza Kanouni

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