215 patients hospitalized with Covid-19

215 patients hospitalized with Covid-19

UPDATE: 215 patients confirmed with Covid-19 were in hospitals on Thursday; 25 patients are in the ICU and 23 people are connected to lung ventilators, according to data from the National Centre for Healthcare Information (NCZI).

The total number of victims whose post-mortem examination confirmed Covid caused their death reached 12,433.

A total of 84 positive results of PCR tests and 176 from antigen tests were reported on Thursday from a total of 41,483 tests (4,302 PCR tests and 37,181 antigen tests) performed that day.

A total of 1,863,764 people were vaccinated in Slovakia with the first dose as of June 10th and total of 1,070,591 people received with the second dose of vaccine too.

If you have symptoms and would like to be tested you should fill in an online appointment form for a PCR test or visit a centre that offer free of charge antigen tests.

According to the Public Health Office, if you were tested for coronavirus with a PCR test you will receive the result of the test by SMS or by email. The result of the test is automatically registered with the public health office too so you do not have to inform them.

The Slovak state social insurance agency Sociálna poisťovňa has info in English regarding nursing and sickness benefits during the epidemic.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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