Analyst: We expect the disease to peak in 110 days


Analyst: We expect the disease to peak in 110 days

17. 03. 2020 15:02

Based on a model done by the analytical unit of the Health Ministry, the coronavirus infection in Slovakia is expected to peak in 110 days (in June), when about 10% of the country's population will have been infected with the virus. With the current measures to limit the spread of the virus in place, healthcare facilities have about two months to prepare for a large number of patients. Analysts from the Health Policy Institute estimate that if the strict measures in place are respected, about 24,000 people will need to be hospitalized over the next three months, with about 3,200 of them needing intensive care." The restrictive measures in place help us to buy time to decide on other steps to be taken and to buy equipment," said the Institute's director Martin Smatana. Analysts will update and publish their scenarios regularly.

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Anca Dragu, Photo:TASR

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