Re-opening in full swing


Re-opening in full swing

19. 05. 2020 16:25

On Wednesday, May 20th, the last phase of the loosening of coronavirus-related restrictions begins. It means that:

- all shops, including shopping malls, will be allowed to open with a limit on the number of people - 1 person per 15m2
- shops and restaurants can be open until 10pm
- indoor sport facilities may open to sport clubs and their members (not to the public)
- outdoor sport facilities may be open to the public
- theatres and cinemas may be open with a limit of 100 people
- restaurants can open their indoor premises with a maximum of 2 people or one family at each table

Shops will not open on Sundays as of yet, and kids corners within shopping malls remain closed for the time being.

Starting on Thursday May 21st, people with permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia will be allowed to travel to eight particular countries and return again without obligatory quarantine or the need to be tested for the new coronavirus, if they return within 24 hours from their departure time. The list of countries includes: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. They will have to fill in a form that is available on the webpage of the Interior Ministry. Please check the rules in place in the country of your destination before travelling.

On June 1st, kindergartens and the first five grades of elementary schools will reopen.

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