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Practical information about isolation at home

Practical information about isolation at home

The Slovak Public Health Office has issued guidelines for those who must stay isolated at home due to coronavirus infection:

• Do not leave your place of residence, limit contacts with other people and don't accept visitors.

• Organize your purchases with the help of friends and family and ask them to leave them at your door or in another designated place; if possible, use a service providing food delivery to the door, local municipality services, or contact the local branch of the Slovak Red Cross.

• The basic preventive measures against viral transmission include, in particular, thorough hand washing with disinfectant soap and frequent, brief ventilation of rooms. Disinfect door handles, surfaces and objects that you normally use more often with products containing chlorine or alcohol. Use disposable paper and wet wipes.

• Each family member should have their own towel, plate, glasses and cutlery. The ideal solution for a family member who returns from abroad is to live in a separate room and have minimal contact with other people in the household until he or she has a negative test result (or for 14 days in case of preventative self-quarantine).

• If the isolation period is spent in a family house, it is okay to spend time in the courtyard or garden.

• In the case of an apartment building, it is possible to leave the premises for short period of times for absolutely necessary tasks such as to take out the trash, pick up deliveries from a designated area, walk the dog, always of course with a mask covering the upper airways, social distancing and disinfection of hands before leaving the apartment. It is also essential not to stay unnecessarily long in the common areas of the building, and not to use the elevator. There must be an adequate reason for leaving the apartment building, because in the event you are reported for a breach of isolation at home (eg. by a neighbour) you will need to prove that it was necessary to leave the place of isolation.

• The Regional Public Health Office (RUVZ) will contact you with instructions on testing. The collection of testing samples at home is performed only in exceptional cases; ordinarily it will be necessary to visit the testing site.

• RUVZ recommends that you travel to the testing site with your own car; only those who will be tested may accompany you. If you are not a driver, the person driving you must wear a mask, as must you. It is advisable for the passenger to sit in the right rear seat and have the window at least partially open.

• If the situation allows, it is permissible to go to a collection point on foot, of course in compliance with the usual hygienic measures - wearing a mask, social distancing, disinfection of hands before leaving the house / apartment.

• If you do not feel well, you should immediately contact your GP, who will assess your medical condition and determine what steps should be taken.

Anca Dragu/UVZ, Photo: Anca Dragu