New restrictions introduced from January 1st

New restrictions introduced from January 1st

BREAKING NEWS: Stricter restrictions on the free movement of people within the country are introduced from January 1st at 5am until January 24th at midnight, Health Minister Marek Krajčí announced on Thursday evening after a special Cabinet meeting.

It is forbidden for members of different households to meet and visit each other; those who are already together for the New Year's Eve celebrations can stay together until they finish the "festivities". 

Employees should work from home with the exception of those whose job requires their physical presence at work.

Walks in nature are allowed only within the limits of the district where the person lives.

Churches will be closed.

Movement of people will be restricted to trips to the nearest food shop, to a pharmacy, to work if home-office is not possible, to the post, to the bank, to a gas station, to a doctor, to walk a pet, to a testing center for coronavirus and to take care of a relative in need. All shops which do not sell essential goods remain closed. Restaurants can sell only take-away meals.

Skiing facilities will be closed at midnight today and hotels are not allowed to accommodate new guests from January 1st.

In the coming days the Education Ministry will present a plan for schools.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR