MS v hokeji 2022
MS v hokeji 2022

OP+ access as of January 19

OP+ access as of January 19

The Public Health Office reported on Monday about the new OP+ mode, set to come into effect as of January 19, Wednesday. It will be a prerequisite for access to selected establishments and operations.

Here is a summary of the new measures:

The duty to wear a respirator applies not only indoors but also outdoors, provided that the distance from other individuals not living in the same household is less than two metres. Respirators are mandatory also at mass events regardless of social distancing.

As of January 19, new OP+ mode will be required for access to selected establishments and operations (for instance, gyms, wellness facilities, aquaparks, spa, hotels, tourism services and others).

As of January 19, the new OP+ mode applies also to high-risk events, such as parties, weddings, wakes, discos and the like, but not to all mass events.

Gyms will be opened in the OP+ mode, with maximum capacity extended to 50 individuals (or one person per 15 square metres).

Operation of kids' corners will be allowed in the OP mode.

Museums and art galleries to be opened also to group visits.

Accommodation for ski and snowboard trips for children under 18 as part of the education process to be allowed only in the OTP mode.

Mandatory testing of unvaccinated employees for COVID-19 will remain in place at least until the end of January 2022 at the frequency of once a week.

The originally announced shortening of the duration of the COVID pass for those who overcame COVID-19 from 180 to 90 days has been postponed, following an agreement with the Health Ministry and the expert consilium.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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