Čaputová: Politicians are responsible for facts


Čaputová: Politicians are responsible for facts

12. 08. 2019 14:59

Contemporary political culture needs less marketing and more verity and authenticity, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová stated at a ceremony held in the Swiss town of Ascona, where she was awarded the European Prize for Political Culture on Saturday. Čaputová said she believes that politicians are responsible for facts in their public speeches, their tone and the climate they inspire. According to her, the Brexit campaign and the dissemination of hoaxes about migrants are warnings. "The stakes are high and the enormous responsibility is bigger than our candidacies and posts; it influences whether people will even believe in democracy and political representatives anymore," said Čaputová, adding that the lack of trust shakes the very foundations of the whole of Europe.

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: TASR

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