Financial literacy of Slovaks to be higher


Financial literacy of Slovaks to be higher

06. 09. 2019 12:10

Slovakia occupies 16th place among EU countries regarding the financial literacy of its residents. Surveys available to the Finance Ministry have shown that the financial literacy of Slovaks is at the level of 48 percent of the population. The Finance Ministry mentioned these facts at the presentation of a project aimed primarily at elementary school teachers and pupils in order to improve this situation. According to Finance Minister Ladislav Kamenicky, without the needed financial knowledge citizens are in danger of falling into the hands of fraudsters, which can have existential consequences for them. Among the project's activities is the Day for Schools event in September, where 300 pupils from 15 primary schools in Bratislava will learn more about what money is and how it is used. The ministry wants to extend this pilot project to other schools throughout Slovakia.

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: Stevepb/Pixabay

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