Education Ministry to request more money due to CERN


Education Ministry to request more money due to CERN

06. 11. 2019 14:34

The Education Ministry will ask the Finance Ministry to increase its budget due to the need to pay membership fees for international scientific and research organisations. This according to Education Minister Martina Lubyová (a Slovak National Party/SNS nominee) following her talks with the CERN committee (European Organization for Nuclear Research) on Tuesday. The Finance Ministry in a statement confirmed that it's ready to hold talks with the Education Ministry on the issue. The extra money should prevent Slovakia from being expelled from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in the Russian town of Dubna. In addition, the ministry will be able to settle its CERN membership fee fully. "I believe that these commitments will be met by the end of the year," stated Lubyová. CERN Vice-president Branislav Sitár stressed the need to resolve funding systematically, including for the next few years. He noted that the results achieved by scientists from this organisation have been beneficial for other sectors, not only education.

Jonathan McCormick, Photo: AP/TASR

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