European multiannual budget discussed in Bratislava


European multiannual budget discussed in Bratislava

09. 01. 2020 15:27

The European multiannual financial framework as well as its commitment to carbon neutrality were among the main topics discussed by the Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and European Council president Charles Michel on Wednesday in Bratislava. Following their talks, Pellegrini stated that the EU budget should be fair and countries should contribute to it based on their economic strength. "I assured the European Council president that Slovakia will be very constructive in the negotiations. I understand the necessity of certain concessions as a price for finding an acceptable agreement and compromise for all member states," said the prime minister. The President of the European Council Charles Michel explained that he takes "different perspectives and visions into account and wants to know the challenges Slovakia can face in the future". According to Michel, regional differences, which are a sensitive topic, must be taken into account. At the meeting, PM Pellegrini also assured Charles Michel that Slovakia is not inclined to change its clear pro-European orientation anytime soon and will continue being a predictable and constructive partner.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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