Changes to Pension System and 'Kurzarbeit' to be discussed


Changes to Pension System and 'Kurzarbeit' to be discussed

22. 05. 2020 15:39

The tripartite (Government, employers and trade unions) at its first session since coronavirus hit Slovakia more than two months ago agreed to set up a commission to deal with possible changes to the pension system and to tax and payroll deductions. The commission will also discuss the introduction of short-time work (known in Slovakia by the German term 'Kurzarbeit') in the long term. This involves a regulated system in which employees are forced to accept a reduction in working time and salaries as a means to avoid redundancies.

'Kurzarbeit' has become a buzzword in Slovakia to denote one of the key measures used by certain large companies, especially with a German background, to deal with the coronavirus-induced crisis.

Romana Grajcarová, photo: tasr

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