Remembering departure of occupational Soviet troops

Remembering departure of occupational Soviet troops

The 21st of June is a remembrance day in Slovakia marking the day of the last transport of Warsaw Pact armies leaving the territory of Slovakia in 1991. The troops of five states, including the Soviet Union, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and the German Democratic Republic, had occupied the former Czechoslovakia since 21st August 1968.

The Slovak Parliament passed the proposal to enlist 21st June among the remembrance days of the Slovak Republic in November 2020 as the Day of departure of occupational troops of the Soviet Army from Czecho-Slovakia. The 21st of August was also passed as a remembrance day.

The presence of Soviet troops on the territory of former Czechoslovakia was made legal by a treaty adopted by the country’s Parliament in October 1968. According to the latest research, 38 people died in Slovakia in the period between 21st August and 31st December 1968 as a result of this act. The Soviet Army was present in 227 localities, only 12 of which remained with no ecology burden after its departure.

Between 18th October and 4th November 1968, troops from Bulgaria, Hungary, the German Democratic Republic and Poland left the territory of the former Czechoslovakia. Soviet soldiers stayed until June 1991. The treaty that de facto ended the occupation was signed in February 1990 in Moscow by Jiri Dienstbier and Eduard Sevarnadze, the Foreign Ministers of both countries.

The departure of Soviet army troops was led in three phases from March 1990 until 21st June 1991, when the last military unit crossed what was then the Czechoslovak border in eastern Slovakia. During those 16 months, 73,500 Soviet officers and soldiers, almost 40,000 family members, 1,220 tanks, 2,500 infantry combat vehicles, more than 100 planes, almost 200 helicopters and 95,000 tons of munitions left the territory of former Czechoslovakia. The last commander of the Soviet troops, Eduard Vorobyov, left the territory on 27th June 1991.

Source: TASR

Martina Šimkovičová, Photo: TASR

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