PM Heger introduced overhaul to defuse tension in coalition

PM Heger introduced overhaul to defuse tension in coalition

"I presented an overhaul of the ways in which the coalition council operates, designed to defuse tension and make processes more transparent", said Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger. He did not specify any details, claiming that the motion is still being discussed by the coalition. "It is something that could bring more calm into the situation and improve communication, so that people might see the results that we accomplish," he claimed.

The current coalition crisis started after Finance Minister and head of the largest governing Ordinary People party Igor Matovič introduced the so called pro-family package worth over 1.3 billion Euro, which would not have been greenlighted without the support of the opposition far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia. The process of passing the law was accompanied by arguments with coalition Freedom and Solidarity party, which criticised the fact that it was passed in a fast track procedure as well as unclear financing of the extra expenses.

At the moment it is not sure whether the package will come into force, as President Zuzana Čaputová asked the Constitutional Court to evaluate whether the passing of the package did not breach the constitution.

Source: TASR
Mojmír Procházka; Foto: TASR

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