Bratislava aiming to be climate neutral by 2030

Bratislava aiming to be climate neutral by 2030

The city of Bratislava has been selected as one of the cities in a European Union mission - 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, Bratislava municipality reported in its economic and social development plan called 'Bratislava 2030'. "We plan to use this initiative to systemise climate, decarbonisation and sustainability agendas and to link activities that the city carries out on its territory more intensively, with the aim of achieving the maximum possible CO2 savings with the effective use of available resources," specified the capital. By 2030, it aims to achieve a 55-percent cut in CO2 emissions in tonnes. It admitted that the target may be set more ambitiously later.

In the initial stage, Bratislava will draw up a "Climate City Contract". This is a decarbonisation plan in five main areas and at the same time a plan for cooperation with relevant parties. The five main areas, which are the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, are stationary energy (all buildings and premises in the city); transport; waste/a circular economy (energy required for waste removal and processing, gases produced during the decomposition of solid waste); agriculture, forestry and other land use; and industrial processes and product use.

Bratislava pointed to the fact that it has already launched several grant programmes that support local communities and residents in their efforts to improve public spaces and the environment.

Source: TASR

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: TASR

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