Day of the victims of mining accidents

Day of the victims of mining accidents

The Day of the Victims of Mining Accidents of the Slovak Republic is associated with the greatest tragedy in the history of mining in Slovakia. It happened on 10 August 2009 in the Handlová mine. Nine miners and 11 rescuers were killed in an explosion in the Handlová mine. Since 2011, the tenth day of August has become a commemorative day - the Day of the Victims of Mining Accidents. A total of 476 lives have been lost in mining accidents in the Upper Nitra region. This commemorative day, which is also known as the Day of White Roses, also commemorates more than 300 historically mapped mining tragedies that have occurred in metal-mining mines in Slovakia. Wreaths are laid at the Memorial to the Victims of Mining Disasters in Upper Nitra in the municipal cemetery, and bells are rung in St. Catherine's Church as a reminder of the last connection with the miners underground. In various mining towns, miners' memorials are also decorated with white roses. The symbol of the white rose is supposed to represent innocence and the green petals are the colour of hope that such a tragedy will never happen again.

Source: TASR

Marianna Palková, Photo: TASR

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