State Electoral Commission Confirms Referendum Failed Due to Low Turnout

State Electoral Commission Confirms Referendum Failed Due to Low Turnout

The State Electoral Commission confirmed that the Saturday's (January 21) referendum on the change to the Constitution failed, on account of the low voter turnout of 27.25 percent. The participation of more than 50 percent of voters was needed.

Complete results are published on the website The Chairman of the State Electoral Commission, Ladislav Orosz, confirmed that all present members supported the minutes without reservation. "The referendum took place in accordance with the law," he added, adding that no facts had emerged that would call the result into question.

Orosz pointed out that it was the first referendum since the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, which declared that the result of the referendum is an immediately binding decision of the citizens with the legal force of a constitutional law. He also pointed out that even in this referendum there was a key group of people who expressed their position by not participating.

97.51 percent of the participants answered in the affirmative to the question of whether citizens agree with the possibility of shortening the election period through a referendum or a resolution of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. Disapproval was expressed by 1.54 percent of participants.

The highest turnout was recorded in the Trenčín region with over 36 percent of voters. The least number of voters came to the referendum in the Bratislava Region, where 21 percent of voters voted. According to Peťek, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Topoľčany, Turčianske Teplice, Púchov and Považská Bystrica dominated the districts in participation, where over 40 percent of voters came.

The lowest interest in the referendum, under 16 percent, was registered in the districts of Dunajská Streda, Komárno and Bratislava 1. The fewest citizens within the municipalities came to the ballot boxes in Košice Luník IX. with the participation of 0.1 percent of voters and in Lomnička with one percent participation.

The ninth referendum in the history of the independent Slovak Republic was initiated by Smer-SD and other opposition parties.

Ben Pascoe, Photo: TASR

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