The Spolu party signed a memorandum with ex-premier M. Dzurinda

The Spolu party signed a memorandum with ex-premier M. Dzurinda

Independent MP Miroslav Kollar and head of the extra-parliamentary Spolu party which is changing its name to the Modrá koalícia or Blue Coalition, has signed a memorandum of joint political future with ex-premier Mikulas Dzurinda, who's reportedly trying to launch a new political project. "By signing the memorandum, we formally confirmed our interest and cooperation in the establishment of a joint political platform, which will bring together political parties and movements that are close in terms of their programmes in a way that is similar to the European People's Party and its members, and which will be open for experts and leading figures from various areas of public life," said Miroslav Kollar. Dzurinda has declared his interest in broad cooperation aimed at improving affairs in Slovakia and maintaining the country's Euro-Atlantic orientation. According to the ex-premier, this goal can only be achieved by bringing existing political democratic parties together and making them cooperate. Dzurinda and Kollar also agreed on formal moves meant to confirm the cooperation in the next few days. The party claimed that it'll report on these changes during the course of this week.

Source: TASR

Marianna Palková, Photo: Facebok/Spolu

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