Extra-parliamentary parties want elections to be held by the end of June

Extra-parliamentary parties want elections to be held by the end of June

There's no rational reason to delay an early general election until September, claimed the extra-parliamentary HLAS-SD party on Monday, demanding that the election should be held by the end of June at the latest. "We're calling on the governing parties to put Slovakia's interests above their own political ones and to agree on a date for an election by the end of June at the latest," stated HLAS-SD leader Peter Pellegrini. According to him, the Government doesn't enjoy Parliament's trust and doesn't have all its powers, either. HLAS-SD demands that, as an expression of minimum decency towards the public, the governing coalition should provide at least one rational reason why the election should be held as late as in September. The extra-parliamentary party Slovenská národná strana or Slovak National Party (SNS) has joined HLAS-SD in its call for a snap general election in June. According to the party, a term in June would give the next government enough time to acquaint itself with the state of internal affairs and adopt necessary measures. In this vein, the party stressed the need to gradually reduce Slovakia's deficit and overall debt burden. The former coalition parties have agreed that an early general election will be held on September 30. They have also come to an agreement on the wording of an amendment to the Slovak Constitution regarding an early general election. It should be possible to shorten parliament's electoral term by adopting a resolution that would require the votes of 90 MPs.

Source: TASR

Marianna Palková, Photo: TASR

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