Second generator in Mochovce nuclear power plant opens

Second generator in Mochovce nuclear power plant opens

Slovenské elektrárne utility company (SE) has connected the second generator of the new nuclear reactor in Mochovce to the grid. After tests at the level of 20% of the nominal power, SE is planning to increase the reactor's power output to 35%, the company said on its website. Once all the tests of this stage have been evaluated, the reactor power and will be gradually increased to 100%, with short-term planned shutdowns according to the commissioning schedule of the new unit.

Full operation of Unit 3 and achievement of design parameters will be confirmed by the successful completion of the 144-hour proof-of-concept phase at full 471-megawatt capacity. The second turbine and generator were connected to the power grid by SE on Saturday (Feb. 4) evening. The first turbine was energised before midnight on Tuesday (Jan. 31). The third unit of the nuclear power plant has already supplied the grid with two gigawatt-hours of electricity since it was first energised, which is the annual consumption of 800 average households.

Source: TASR

Mojmir Prochazka, Photo: TASR

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