A delicate balancing act

Science and healthcare

A delicate balancing act

12. 03. 2019 12:19

Imagine that one day a childhood friend of your younger brother - who happens to be a psychologist living in the US - tells you that he has a great idea for helping those working in mental health to assess and manage their patients better, and that he needs some technical help to put it into practice. This is exactly what happened to Milan Steskal about 7 years ago. He liked the idea and co-founded a company around it. Later on he decided to use his experience in digital health with another company which has created an open platform for advanced data-sharing capabilities and coaching services connecting people with diabetes and their caregivers. Milan has described his experience in a book for young entrepreneurs, with some warnings against burnout attached. But let's get back to that friend's idea…

Digital health
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Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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