Nitra’s center gets a facelift


Nitra’s center gets a facelift

14. 08. 2019 09:47

Visitors to the Svätopluk Square in the center of Nitra will soon see some changes. New architectural features designed by participants in a three-day hackathon will gradually be implemented starting this year and continuing in the next. An event which took place at the beginning of July gathered experts from various fields including architects, gardeners and city officials seeking solutions to particular problems - one of which is the revival of the city's pedestrian zone and Svätopluk Square. Mayor Marek Hattas explains:

"On the basis of a poll with 850 respondents, we found out that people are mostly disappointed that in Svätopluk Square there is no shade, but it's windy and quite boring. After many years we came up with the idea that something needs to be done to transform the center of the city. We have done great studies on what the square should look like, but we know we have to do something with the pedestrian zone here and now. We want to revive it, we will bring to this space elements that will make it more attractive and more lively," said Nitra's Mayor.

The park will be barrier- free, connecting more closely with its paved areas and making it more accessible to people. Gradually, there should also be mobile green walls. The third measure is to install shade modules that people will be able to use for sitting and relaxing. The measures also include making the stairs leading to Mostná Street more accessible. A relaxation pavilion with a gallery and a café on the site of the former stage is to be built. In addition, the city plans to build a water channel with circulating water on the square, which will lead from the fountain to the park. Nitra's chief architect Viktor Šabík says that all the measures being prepared are designed to make it so that people no longer just walk through Svätopluk Square, but to have a reason to stop there, spend time and experience something.

"The Svätopluk Square in its present form has never been fully accepted by the public and remains a sort of blow to the city center that arose after the demolition of historic buildings. We want to remind them again in the form of street art by indicating lines that will show part of the plan of the former development on the pavement, " he said.

The city hall wants to start building new elements on Svätopluk Square as soon as possible, some of which could be installed this year. Project documentation and other paperwork need to be prepared first, but the chief architect would like to have the simpler things done in the square already by the end of this year.

Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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