The guest-host mentality


The guest-host mentality

17. 10. 2019 15:13

There are about 130, 000 foreigners living in Slovakia, according to data from the Interior Ministry. The number of foreigners is going up mainly because of the shortage of employees on the Slovak labour market. Slovakia is not a country of destination for refugees and has a rather strict immigration policy when it comes to granting asylum. 70.8 percent of Slovaks do not think that foreigners could bring any benefits to Slovakia, according to a survey released by the Milan Šimečka Foundation last month. Anca Dragu discussed the anti-immigration feelings in Central and Eastern Europe and how to deal with them with Austrian sociologist Kenan Güngör who has conducted extensive research on the topic of the integration of migrants and diversity and has advised the Austrian government and the city of Vienna on the matter.

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Anca Dragu, Photo: TASR

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