IT needs more women!


IT needs more women!

20. 11. 2019 12:36

According to the IT Association of Slovakia, there is a shortage of around 10,000 IT specialists on the Slovak labor market. Unless major changes are made, the association expects the result to be a post-2020 deficit of up to 20,000 employees, negatively affecting the competitiveness of the Slovak economy and the creation of new jobs. The association, supported also by academics, thinks there is a need to increase both the funding and interest of IT study departments. The ratio of young girls studying at these departments is very low, only around 12%. Is perhaps bringing more women into IT a possible solution?

IT needs more women
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MIT_Aj Ty v IT_Martin Haburaj.jpgTwo MIT students, Anna Kazlauskas and Loewen Cavill, recently held workshops in Bratislava and Košice for young women interested in the tech industry.

Zuzana Botiková, Photo: Aj Ty v IT/Martin Haburaj

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