How the Church lived underground for 40 years


How the Church lived underground for 40 years

27. 11. 2019 15:05

Today Filip Vagač works in the non-profit sector as civic activist, but 30 years ago in Czechoslovakia he was an active member of what became known as the "underground church" - an informal organisation of Catholics who dared to meet together without the approval of the authorities, thus placing themselves in danger of persecution.

Today Jozef Lupták is an internationally-known concert cellist and director of the International Chamber Music Festival Konvergencie, but 30 years ago he was active in a Protestant church in Bratislava where the religious activities of his father and others had landed them in prison.

Thus both were young Christians at the time of the 1989 Velvet Revolution who had experienced the difficult life of the Church under communist rule. They are also old friends - and recently came together in the studios of Radio Slovakia International to talk about their lives under the former regime and the legacy of those years, which to some extent still lingers on today.

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Jonathan McCormick, Photo: Flickr/Jason Parrish

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