MS v hokeji 2023
MS v hokeji 2023

Measures to help foreigners during the epidemic

Measures to help foreigners during the epidemic

On Wednesday the Government approved a series of measures concerning the residence of  foreigners living in Slovakia during the current coronavirus epidemic. Parliament is expected to discuss them in the coming days.  These are the main measures:

Temporary residence, permanent residence or tolerated stay that would otherwise have expired during the current epidemic or which expires within one month of the withdrawal of a crisis situation shall be extended until two months after the withdrawal of the crisis situation.

A third-country national who has legally entered the territory of the Slovak Republic and has not been granted residence is entitled under this Act to stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic until one month after the crisis situation has been withdrawn.

A third-country national residing outside the territory of the Slovak Republic during a crisis situation may submit an application for renewal of temporary residence or an application for permanent residence for an unlimited period of time at the embassy

The police will accept documents for application or renewal of a residence permit older than 90 days if those documents were not older than 90 days at the time of the crisis situation because of which the third country national was not able to apply for the residence permit/renewal, and if the third country national did not travel outside of Slovakia.

Also, the proposal includes a prolongation of several important time limits which would otherwise result in a revocation of residence status, and these time limits will be prolonged for the duration of the crisis. For example, if at the time of crisis an employee loses a job, or if a student would complete the studies were it not for the crisis, the normal period of 60 days for employees and 30 days for students to resolve their situation will be prolonged for the duration of the crisis.

Other important deadlines shall be postponed at the time of crisis, for instance this shall apply to the deadline of 30 days to submit proof of health insurance or proof of not being infected by disease endangering public health, or to inform police of a change of address within 5 days.

The execution of administrative expulsion will be postponed. However, this postponement shall not constitute grounds for release from immigration detention.

For more on this topic contact the Human Rights League.

Anca Dragu, Photo:TASR

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